Nina Fishman was a political historian, thinker and activist, and the author of important books such as The British Communist Party and the Trade Unions (1995) and the two-volume Arthur Horner: A Political Biography (2011). She was also an active member of the board of the Barry Amiel and Norman Melburn Trust. In her honour a specific fund has been created to support the translation into English of works that fall within the interests of the Trust. No topic is specified but the Trust is particularly keen to support works on topics that would have interested Prof. Fishman such as Labour history, European socialism and social democracy, the theory and practice of industrial relations. The Trust will consider applications for translations of essays, articles, book chapters and interviews as well as full length books.

If you wish to make an application for funds, please contact the administrator on specifying that you wish to apply for the ‘Nina Fishman Translation Award’. You will be sent application guidelines along with an application form specifically for the Nina Fishman Translation Award. Application forms are only available from the administrator. Any applications which do not meet the application guidelines will not be accepted.